Our Kunekune Pigs

Raising Top Quality Kunekunes for Breeding Stock and Pasture Pork Production


We pride ourselves on producing high quality kunekune pigs for breeding stock with the emphasis on pasture pork production.

The True Grazing Pig


Known for their short upturned snout and less prone to rooting than other swine breeds!

Docility and Easy to Manage


Very well known for their docility and friendly outgoing personalities, including Sows with piglets and Boars.

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Kunekune Information


Kunekune Pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”) is a rare, heritage small breed of pig that are recently a new import into Canada. We are a local registered breeder situated near Carstairs, Alberta.

Kunekune's are very well known for their docility and friendly outgoing personalities, including sows with piglets and boars. Due to their docility, they have little desire to test fencing and roam which makes them a breed suitable for first time pig owner. They are a smaller breed of pig averaging 180-400 lbs.

Kunekune pigs are known as the grazing pig with their upturned short snout, they are less prone to root as found in other swine breeds. They do well on pasture grasses and legumes and need very little supplementation (though some is recommended). Their pork is very tender and juicy with dark rich red color. It is nothing like we have ever tasted before and probably will never be able to eat commercial pork again.

Our breeding program concentrates on high quality, diverse breeding stock that will do well in all programs but especially the pasture pork aspect, we concentrate on conformation, daily weight gains and good growth rates. 

We are proud to offer diverse bloodlines in Western Canada and always adding to our breeding line up to offer our customers the best possible conformation, bloodlines and diversity.

We are a proud supporter of American Kunekune Pig Registry. Their mission to their members and breeders have always been preserving the kunekune breed and supporting kunekune pasture pork.