Our Breeding Boars/Upcoming Boars

TIHF Te Whangi 8 "Gunther"

(Rainbow Te Whangi 1+ x USA Rona 1)

Gunther is a direct import from the United States.  He impressed us from Day 1 to what true Kunekune Pasture Pork breeding stock is made for.  He has amazing length and size with a gentle disposition.  He has sired multiple litters for us to carry on his genetics.


 ILF Mahia Love 1 "Jenga"

(USA Mahia Love 63 x USA Jenny 133)

Jenga is littermate to Emelia.  Jenga offers size and length to our herd.   We are so proud to have this boy in our herd.


 SHF Andrew 1  "Princeton"

(BVF Andrew 32 x SHF Kereopa 5)

Princeton is another direct import from the United States that boasts a well known pedigree.  He is grandson to the great Supreme Champion TGRE Andrew 3, Cornelius and Champion USA Jenny 89, Delores.  He is our go to for head improvements. 


USA Tonganui 18 "Harlequin"

(USA Tonganui 14 x G CH USA Aria Giana 15++)

In our eye's this boy is one of the nicest Tonganui in Canada but we may be bias!  Harlequin boasts an outstanding pedigree sired by Upton, USA Tonganui 14 and out of Grand Champion USA Aria Giana 15++, Rainbow.  


USA Boris 14  "Sweet William" 

(USA Boris 4++ x USA Aria Giana 2)

Sweet William is large and in charge!  He is sired by none other USA Boris 4++, Boudin Noir and out of USA Aria Giana 2, Sweet Sister, daughter to NZ Aria Giana 1.


USA Mahia Love 115 "Moneymore"

(CH USA Mahia Love 90 x CH USA Jenny 122)

This boy is so special and we are so lucky to have this boar.  This boar was imported by Ivanleigh Farms. His pedigree speaks volumes.  

Picture compliments of Ivanleigh Farms


ILF Ru 5 "Matrix"

(BVF Ru 5 x USA Jenny 125)

This boar exhibits outstanding length and amazing leg structure and hooves. We have already picked out ladies for this guy! 


 WN Ru 1 "Gryffin"

(BVF Ru 5 x ILF Jenny 1)

Gryffin was the only boar out of his litter of four sisters and boy could we not have been happier with this boar.  He has exceeded our expectations in conformation qualities.  He puts his length and size on his offspring, size but also his gentle demeanor.  We have retained multiple sons and daughters from our big boy.


GBF Tonganui 20 "Uhane"

(BVF Tonganui 5 x USA Wilsons Gina 13)

We are excited to have this outcross of genetics in our program.   


ILF Mahia Love 15

(USA Mahia Love 103 x USA Haunene 1)

The length this boar exhibits gets us very excited! His gentle nature and easy going attitude is a plus! 


ILF Andrew 2 "Prince Andrew"

(SHF Andrew 1 x USA Jenny 167)

A protege of two direct US imports and the only litter of this pairing.  


 WN Mahia Love 1  "Poker"

(USA Mahia Love 115 x ONC Rona 1)

Poker was the pick of his whole litter and stood out from almost Day 1.  He offers the whole package.  We have big plans for this boar!


 WN Boris 4 

(USA Boris 14 x ILF Tapeka 3)

Our retained Boris boar sired by Sweet William.     



WN Andrew 2 "Tribbiani"

(SHF Andrew 1 x BBS Trish 1)

Tribbiani is our retained Princeton son. We have bred his to WN Jenny 10 and WN Jenny 3 and looking forward to seeing how is offspring perform. 


WN Te Whangi  "Troubadour"

(TIHF Te Whangi 8 x ILF Tapeka 3)

Troubadour has impressed us from Day 1.  At four months he weighed in a 83lbs.  He exhibits his sire and dam's length and size.  

Troubadour is part of our increase size pasture pork initiative. 


WN Ru 7 "Charlie"

(WN Ru 1 x ILF Aria Giana 1)

Charlie is the first of our Gryffin son retained son. He has great growth and topline.  


WN Ru 

(WN Ru 1 x WN Rona 1)

This is a son by two of our top producing pigs.  He has the length and hams our program strives for!