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Our breeding program concentrates on American Kunekune Pig Registry Breed Standard, high quality and diverse breeding stock that will do well in all programs but especially the pasture pork aspect. We concentrate on conformation, daily weight gains and good growth rates reaching 200 lbs at a year old on average. We are very particular as to what we sell as breeding stock, and are firm believers if it’s not good enough for our herd, it’s not for others.

All our breeding stock is registered with American Kunekune Pig Registry and DNA'd. We take bio security very seriously as well as the health of our animals, we have a strict vaccination and deworming protocol for all our pigs.  Contact us for more information. 



This Wilsons Gina gilt is out of Rainbow Wilsons Gina 3 and SHF Andrew 1.  Both sire and dam are direct United States imports.  We retired Kyra after this litter so this will be her last daughter available.  This gilt has great length and size to her and was the second biggest in her litter.

AKPR:  11033

DOB:  February 5, 2019

COI:  7.02%

Can be paired with either Ru boars. 




This Jenny gilt is out of our top producing sow, ILF Jenny 1, "Emelia" and sired by TIHF Te Whangi 8.  She is our second pick in this litter.

This in our eyes is the ideal pasture pork combination for any herd looking for maternal instincts and size.

AKPR: 12245

DOB:  April 25, 2019

COI: 6.31%

Ability to pair with a outcross boar selection.  Contact us to find out more information.

*We also have a flashy brown and white sister available*



This boar is very hard to let go.  He is out of WN Rona 1 "Safiya" and sired by our very own WN Ru 1 "Gryffin".  He has outstanding length and size as we would expect and a gentle sweet personality.  

AKPR:  12240

DOB:  April 23, 2019

COI: 5.64%

Can be paired with Wilsons Gina gilt or Rebecca Gina gilt.



This little Rebecca Gina gilt is out of ONC Rebecca Gina 3 and sired by SHF Andrew 1.  

AKPR:  12258

DOB:  April 30, 2019

COI:  3.07%

She will pair great with the Ru x Rona boar above.



This boar is out of ILF Kereopa 2 "Phoebe" and sired by WN Ru 1 "Gryffin".  This boar is out of a rare sow line in Canada.  

AKPR:  13874

DOB:  June 25, 2019

COI:  7.92%

This boar will pair great with the Wilsons Gina gilt.