Grassfed Galloway Beef

The Healthy Beef Choice!!**


  • Grass Fed & Finished Galloway Beef.
  • Antibiotic & Hormone Free.
  • Gov't Inspected and Dry Aged for minimum 21 days.
  • Raised from birth with dignity and respect.

Why Galloway Beef?


Galloway Beef Studies

** University of Guelph study found Galloway beef (compared to randomly selected beef and all fed same diet) to be low in saturated fat as well as total fat, high in Omega 6 to Omega 3.  Proven to be as healthy for heart and brain as both chicken and fish!


How is our Beef is Raised!

Our beef is grass fed and grass finished.  In the summer months they graze on lush green pastures.  In the Fall and Winter, they receive dairy quality haylage (fermented hay) to reach optimal growth and marbling of meat.  


Galloway's Ability to Marble on Grass

Not all beef is equal and not all beef can finish on grass and forage alone!  Galloways can and they excel at it!  Flavor, Tender and Juicy  is what we offer to our customers! Come taste the difference!

Menu / Price List

Weights are approximate and subject to change.