Our Breeding Sows/Upcoming Gilts

ILF Jenny 1 "Emelia"

(USA Mahia Love 63 x USA Jenny 133)

Emelia is our heart girl and our all time favorite  (300lb sow) and will always have a home at our farm.  Her litters are nothing but impressive but doesn't surprise us with  Emelia's pedigree which include four Supreme Champions alone in the first three genetic parental lines, including be a granddaughter to Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42, Robert Bakewell.  


ILF Tapeka 2  "Anabelle"

(USA Mahia Love 103 x BAIN Tapeka 2) 

 We are so lucky to have Anabelle in our herd.  Her genetic line has become a sensation in Canada and US for pork production. She is well over 300 lbs and carries the length and depth we desire.    


USA Aria Giana 30  "Uptown Girl"

(USA Tonganui 14 x G CH USA Aria Giana 15++)

We are so happy to have Uptown in our herd.  She joined our herd from Ivanleigh Farms.  Uptown is a direct Import from the one and only The Historic USA Herd in California, the founder of this breed in North America.



USA Rona 7 "New Dawn Copper Penny"

(CH USA Mahia Love 90 x USA Rona 3)

Copper is everything we look for in our herd.  Outstanding length and looks!  Copper is another new addition from Ivanleigh Farms and imported from The Historic USA Herd.


GAB Wilsons Gina 5 "Berkley"

(GAB Mahia Love 2 x Rainbow Wilsons Gina 3)

Berkley is part of our improvement line for head improvement but she exhibits the size we desire for our pasture pork program.


ILF KEREOPA 2 "Phoebe"

(USA Tonganui 18 x SHF Kereopa 7)

Phoebe is a new bloodline to Canada.  She was the pick of her litter and we are very happy to have her in our herd.  Phoebe's pedigree boost 5 Champions alone in just 4 generations of her pedigree.  We have retained two of her daughters into our herd. 


ILF Aria Giana 1 "Pippa"

(SHF Andrew 1 x Supreme CH USA Aria Giana 29)

We are so lucky to be the second Farm in Canada with this female line.  This was a line that  we dreamed of when we first got into Kunekunes and so lucky that Pippa is in our herd.   Pippa is daughter to Supreme Champion Aria Giana 29 who won her Championship at just 8 weeks of age! 


ILF Jenny 12 "Phoenix"

(NZ Tuahuru 1 x USA Jenny 125)

Phoenix is a very special sow!  She is daughter to NZ Tuahuru 1, Roa Ihu who is a direct import from New Zealand! This sow is a whole 350lbs of length and depth!


ILF Jenny 5 "Bellatrix"

(BVF Ru 5 x USA Jenny 125)

We are honored to have Bellatrix join our herd.  She exhibits outstanding pedigree and the looks to boot!



WN Jenny 3 "Brooklyn"

(ILF Jenny 1 x BVF Ru 5)

Brooklyn is our retained daughter from Emelia's first litter.  Brooklyn exhibits amazing maternal instincts.  


ILF Tapeka 13 "Goldilox"

(ILF Ru 5 x ILF Tapeka 4)

We have loved this sow since she was a piglet!  She exhibits the size we look for our program and the maternal pedigree to back her up! 


WN Rona 1 "Safiya"

(ONC Rona 1 x USA Mahia Love 115)

Safiya has exceeded our expectations in our breeding program.  Safiya is sired by our all time favorite boar out of Championship parentage, Moneymore.  Safiya at two years old is bigger than two of our largest sows, Emelia and Anabelle.  Her first litter sired by WN Ru 1 was nothing but exceptional and born all at 3lbs/each with Safiya handling it like a experienced sow.


WN Jenny 10 "Electric Avenue"

(ILF Jenny 1 x BVF Ru 5)

Electric is our retained daughter from Emelia and Hennessy.  She exhibits length, looks and the ideal conformation for pasture pork production with her mother's maternal instinct.  


WN Tapeka 3 "Arabelle"

(ILF Tapeka 3 x USA Boris 14)

Arabelle is our retained daughter from Anabelle's first litter.  Arabelle farrowed  on September 2019 with an exceptional number of 8 piglets, all great size and vigor.  


WN Rebecca Gina 1 

(ONC Rebecca Gina 3 x GAB Mahia Love 2)

Our retained daughter from Lily's first litter with us.  She exhibits her mother's growth and size.


WN Kereopa 2

(ILF Kereopa 2 x ILF Ru 2)

Our retained daughter from Phoebe and Oscar's litter.  She exhibits great length and size.


WN Tapeka 6 ("Maery")

(ILF  Tapeka 3 x TIGF Te Whangi 8)

Our retained daughter from Anabelle and Gunther.  Anabelle and Gunther's litter exhibited exceptional growth with piglets ranging from 72-80lbs at four months of age. She milks just like her mother!


4AF Trish 2 "Payton"

(ILF Andrew 1 x BBS Trish 1)

Payton comes to us from 4Acre Farms.  She is part of our improved Trish line. We can't thank Nicole enough for her!



WN Rona 3 "Nooga"

(ONC Rona 1 x SHF Andrew 1)

Nooga is our retained daughter from Flora and Princeton.