Our Kunekune Pigs

Raising Top Quality Kunekunes for Breeding Stock and Pasture Pork Production


We pride ourselves on producing high quality kunekune pigs for breeding stock with the emphasis on pasture pork production.

The True Grazing Pig


Known for their short upturned snout and less prone to rooting than other swine breeds!

Docility and Easy to Manage


Very well known for their docility and friendly outgoing personalities, including Sows with piglets and Boars.

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Kunekune Information


Kunekune Pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”) is a rare, heritage small breed of pig that are recently a new import into Canada. We are a local registered breeder situated near Carstairs, Alberta.

Kunekune's are very well known for their docility and friendly outgoing personalities, including sows with piglets and boars. Due to their docility, they have little desire to test fencing and roam which makes them a breed suitable for first time pig owner. They are a smaller breed of pig averaging 180-400 lbs.

Kunekune pigs are known as the grazing pig with their upturned short snout, they are less prone to root as found in other swine breeds. They do well on pasture grasses and legumes and need very little supplementation (though some is recommended). Their pork is very tender and juicy with dark rich red color. It is nothing like we have ever tasted before and probably will never be able to eat commercial pork again.

Our breeding program concentrates on high quality, diverse breeding stock that will do well in all programs but especially the pasture pork aspect, we concentrate on conformation, daily weight gains and good growth rates. 

We are proud to offer diverse bloodlines in Western Canada and always adding to our breeding line up to offer our customers the best possible conformation, bloodlines and diversity.

We are a proud supporter of American Kunekune Pig Registry. Their mission to their members and breeders have always been preserving the kunekune breed and supporting kunekune pasture pork.




Our Sow Breeding Stock

Emelia - ILF Jenny 1


(USA Mahia Love 63 x USA Jenny 133)

Emelia is our heart girl and our all time favorite  (300lb sow) and will always have a home at our farm.  Her litters are nothing but impressive but doesn't surprise us with  Emelia's pedigree which include four Supreme Champions alone in the first three genetic parental lines, including be a granddaughter to Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42, Robert Bakewell.  

Anabelle - ILF Tapeka 3


(USA Mahia Love 103 x BAIN Tapeka 2)

We are so lucky to have Anabelle in our herd.  Her genetic line has become a sensation in Canada and US for pork production. She is well over 300 lbs and carries the length and depth we desire.  

Lily - ONC Rebecca Gina 3


(BVF Mahia Love 1 x GBF Rebecca Gina 3)

We welcomed Lily in our herd the Fall of 2017.   Lily is a big girl weighing over 300 lbs and is long and deep.  Lily will be paired with Gunther in her next breeding.

GAB Wilsons Gina 5


(GAB Mahia Love 2 x Rainbow Wilsons Gina 3)

Berkley is part of our improvement line and so far we have been so impressed with  her last two litters.  She  is a big deep girl and we are expecting some pretty great piglets from her and Jenga.

Pippa - ILF Aria Giana 1


(SHF Andrew 1 x Supreme Champion USA Aria Giana 29)

We are so lucky to be the second farm in Canada with this female line.  This was a line that  we dreamed of when we first got into kunekunes and so lucky that Pippa is in our herd.   She has done an outstanding job with her litter.

Phoebe - ILF Kereopa 2


(USA Tonganui 18 x SHF Kereopa 7)

Phoebe is another new genetic line to Canada that we are so proud to have.  Like all our sows, she is an exceptional mom and good looks to boot :)

Our Standing Boar Breeding Stock

Gunther - TIHF Te Whangi 8


(Rainbow Te Whangi 1+ x USA Rona 1)

Gunther arrived at our farm just a couple years ago and we knew we had something special.  This boy pushes over 400lbs and is a gentle giant.

Jenga - ILF Mahia Love 1


(USA Mahia Love 63  x USA Jenny 133)

Jenga is our big special boy.  Jenga and his sister, Emelia, came in utero when imported into Canada.

Princeton - SHF Andrew 1


(BVF Andrew 32 x SHF Kereopa 5)

Princeton is a direct import from the United States and is the only boar in Canada with his genetic makeup.  He  is our go to guy for improvement litters.

Gryffin - WN Ru 1


(BVF Ru 5 x ILF Jenny 1)

Gryffin is out of our first litter!  He was the only boar in the litter (4 gilts and 1 boar) and he was impressive from Day 1.  He is long and wide and has his mother's sweet temperament.

Maximus Meridus - WN Boris 3


(USA Boris 14 x ILF Tapeka 3)

Meridus was big and in charge right from birth.  He has the length we desire in all our pigs.  His first litter was born Fall of 2018  with 7 piglets! Meridus is grandson to USA Boris 4++,  Boudin Noir, one of the most recognized boars in the United States and our all time favorite boar. 

Poker Face - WN Mahia Love 1


(USA Mahia Love 115 x ONC Rona 1)

Poker was a piglet that stood out right at birth.  His sire is the all impressive Moneymore  sired by Champion USA Mahia Love 90  and out of Champion  USA Jenny 122 but it gets even better as Poker is a great grandson to Supreme Champion USA Mahia Love 42, Robert Bakewell , another one of our all time favorite boars.

Our Female Up & Comers to Our Breeding Program

WN Jenny 7


 (BVF Ru 5 x ILF Jenny 1)

WN Tapeka 1


(USA Boris 14 x ILF Tapeka 3)

WN Rona 1


(USA Mahia Love 115 x ONC Rona 1)

WN Wilsons Gina 2


(SHF Andrew 1 x GAB Wilsons Gina 5)

WN Tapeka 3


(TIHF Te Whangi 8 x ILF Tapeka 3)

WN Rona 2


(SHF Andrew 1 x ONC Rona 1)

Our Boar Up & Comers to Our Breeding Program

WN Andrew 2


(SHF Andrew 1 x ILF Jenny 1)



(WN Ru 1 x ILF Aria Giana 1)

WN Te Whangi 2


(THIF Te Whangi 8 x ILF Tapeka 3)



(ILF Ru 2 x GAB Wilsons Gina 5)